Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment we accept?

To get the process of joining the Taroscopes Mystery School started, please complete the following steps and we will have you up and running right away.

1. Be sure you have completely reviewed the
Introductory Videos here on the taroscopes website, and read the Inner Zodiac article which explains Michael's unique synthesis of the Hermetic Arts.

2. Contact Michael at with any further questions you may have regarding the Mystery School.

The one time lifetime entitlement for membership in the Mystery School is $555 US. When you are ready to join the school, please contact us at and we will reply with the payment instructions via bank wire or check. (NOTE: Credit card policy will not allow payment for this lifetime duration, that is why we need to do it this way).

Once that is received and the deposit clears, we will call you and set up your account, including username and password for the online Mystery School and members area. There is a $15.00 annual maintenance fee for the online members area that will be charged to your MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit card.

Canceling Membership and Refunds
All sales are final. Payment for access to the Taroscopes Mystery School member area is nonrefundable. If you are experiencing a problem with your account, please contact us at or email Michael at


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