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Level Three

Level Three has been recently added. It it features unique info on the Kabala and Tree of Life, and is available free to full members.

Path of the Fool

The "Path of the Fool" kindle book is sent free of charge to all full members. It contains the complete meanings of all 78 Arcana and is required for the mystery school courses.

Cards on Houses

This book is an essential companion to the courses presented on the Mystery School. The systems of divination presented reveal how closely Tarot and Astrology work together. This kindle book is also a free entitlement for Taroscopes members.

Listing on Affiliates Page

Members can have their name and contact information featured on the official sites to confirm that they are legal and authorized affiliates of the Taroscopic Mystery School and are licensed to practice and/or teach the Taroscopic System in their area.

I recently joined your online mystery school. This is the best stuff I have come across in many moons. I was beginning to think that I had nothing else to do -- my purpose secretly done.. and then ... you came along. All of a sudden I am fascinated , interested again. NOW I have something to work with ... Thank you - S



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