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Hi Michael - I know I have said this before but as time goes by I really anticipate your work particularly when you're on for two hours and you are not constantly interrupted...there is an outline of the topic and you just take over the steering wheel and with every minute you amplify the dose of this sacred knowledge...PURE BEAUTY!!!...I can't find words to express how much has all your work has influenced me...first of all you strike me as sincere and fearless man even that we never met I can perceive your passion and desire to know the truth and unselfish willingness to share this with others who are willing to receive it...well there are others that contribute but you are the only one who speaks in loud voice that this is a spiritual and intellectual battle...we need to know ourselves in order to know the enemy. You are a true teacher's teacher...THANK YOU MAN! - Igor (Slovenia)

...I have not found a single mis-stated phrase or anything other than the truth in what you are writing. Maybe yours is the first web site ever to get that good - R. Hitt

You are a builder of pyramids, a master of the High Renaissance and an architect of the cities of the world, and of the mind.  Thank you for such an incredible wealth of knowledge which you have so lucidly shared and discussed in your website - Tobias

Your work is the most accurate I have come across in many years. It is a confirmation of my journey and has given me great comfort as many others give me very negative feedback as I follow my path.  Many who consider themselves enlightened have told me I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing without me even asking for their advice. Then I will read the Taroscopes Reading or play the tape, and I feel strong again. My personal thanks and blessings to you for being who you are. I also learned a lot in your class…keep up the good work - R C M

Hi Michael - I just wanted to let you know that I have studied many religions in-depth including those which use, or claim to  use, Tarot and Astrology, and I have never come across a more comprehensive, intuitive, and reasonable explanation of the existence of these methods of spiritual enlightenment than on your website. I aim to have the time and money to enroll in your program very soon.  I am glad you are doing what you do, especially at time when the world is at a do-or-die moment - Thank you  

Timely, thought provoking, erudite and exotic. Without equal and beyond measure, Michael Tsarion's class will stay with you and further your journey into other dimensions - B. J O'Connell (Maple Valley, Washington)

In so many workshops, the importance of a clear introduction is ignored. Your introduction created a true reverence and respect for the cards from the very beginning, and continued in the same vein throughout...It was obvious that you are at one with your subject. It was a pleasure to absorb all you gave - S R

I have taken classes on Tarot, Numerology, Kabala, Astrology, etc., and everything I learned piqued my interest in these fascinating subjects. However the problem was that I had to take different, often expensive classes from different persons. This is the first time that one teacher has explained them all with great competence. Michael always says that he teaches material that is not found in the books, this is indeed the case, as I found out. Many there are that teach metaphysics and ancient subjects, but only one have I heard who teaches them in the ancient way. It makes all the difference. This is the way to do it for beginners or for those more advanced - F A

Michael, I am writing in appreciation for your outstanding "Archetypal Tarot" Class. To have such a profound knowledge of the deepest mysteries is astounding...to be able to communicate them easily and effortlessly to others is a gift from God! I can't thank you enough for opening up so many gateways to discovery. We are surely living in times that couldn't need them more. It has been such an adventure and pleasure to share these insights. I thank you! Highest regards - M. Frank (WB 20, TV, San Francisco)

I recently visited your website (after listening to Coast to Coast last week) and I must advise you how interesting it is. I am an astrologer, numerologist, and tarot adviser and was intrigued with all your information - C. Reimer (Washington)

I was a sceptic regarding readings. I have had various readings in the last 15 years from people. My interest has been one of casual curiosity until recently. I have known Michael Tsarion for years through a friend. He is truly a scholar in his field. Most readers I have met do not have the earnest approach Michael has. I cannot believe the many times he has told me something without my mentioning anything to him or accurate about something that had recently happened or is going on at the moment or regarding things which occur within a week or two after seeing him. I will call him and tell him immediately to let him know for I cannot believe it myself - J R

I have had many readings from both amateurs and professionals. I also study Tarot and use it in my daily life, so I know whether someone is a real authority on the Cards or not. Michael certainly is, there seems no end to the knowledge he has regarding the Divination sciences. The majority of books are very coldly written, the meanings are somewhat antiquated, not really applicable to the life of the 90s. The best thing about Michael’s interpretations is that they apply to today’s world, a world very different to that which existed when the Tarot was created. The Tarot is more than a deck of cards, it takes a real master to bring out its secrets - A H

Since my reading with you last January I had been anticipating attending your classes, and they were what I was hoping for. I have read so many books on the Tarot and felt that to put all the information on the Tarot, numerology, and astrology together for readings seemed to be a life's work. Let alone combining information from the Kabala!! Your class did this for me!! Your classes gave me so much information I had been looking for and much more. I left each class feeling awestruck!! I especially liked the fact that you are a purist and respect the fact that Tarot decks should be based on 78 cards - that just seemed so right to me. Also, that you teach the correct way to "wash" the cards. I had always wondered if there really was a correct way, or whether it was actually necessary. I feel that so much information has been condensed for my through your work. Thank you so much --- I wanted you to know that two mornings on the day of your classes I picked a card from the Osho Zen deck and got The Master - and you are truly a master of the Tarot!! Thanks again, Michael - C. Nelson

Michael Tsarion is a brilliant Metaphysician with an abundance of knowledge regarding the Divine Sciences. His unique TAROSCOPIC approach is conducted with an accuracy that is truly amazing. His insights are fascinating, his range of knowledge is expansive, and his commitment to his Path is most apparent - J. McKay

Reading about the Kabala for years, I had never found a real, practical use for it until I found out about Michael’s classes and approach. The Tree of Life really comes alive through the Tarot. But there is a right and wrong way to apply it. Michael’s system is the only one I have discovered which makes sense - J. Low (teacher, actor and occult researcher)

I’ve encountered many approaches to astrology, tarot, and numerology over the years. Much has been written about these subjects, but for me, the information was vague and not readily applicable. Michael approaches these ancient subjects as a combined science. His extensive research has brought these highly esoteric subjects into a clear understanding for me. The information learned in Michael’s classes has expanded my view of the world, heightened my intuitive skills, and given me information that can be used in a practical way on a day to day basis - M E

Michael's never ending passion, enthusiasm, dedication and energy to dispel ignorance and search for truth have left me in awe. His classes opened a new world for me which I now cannot cease to further explore. I hope Michael will be my teacher for many years to come - B. Clark

Michael is one of the truest and finest scholars I have met in my lifetime. I experience him as a virgin spring . Information comes from you, through you, as from the source. Your etymology information and paperwork handouts show years of research and collection. I have been spellbound by the charts, symbols and illustrations. I cannot imagine beginning my study of the Tarot with anyone else. I am moved by your passion and curiosity and the enthusiastic willingness to share all of your knowledge. Keep on talking and teaching, Michael !!! - C. Iverson

Michael Tsarion's Tarot class is the most daring and up to date class on the subject that is available. The class introduces concepts from Tarot to Kabala to Numerology in a totally harmonious balance of their energies. Michael avoids the allegorical nonsense that others dwell so much in. By attending and participating in this class I was inspired and felt it to be a catalyst of encouragement and confirmation of the research I have been conducting. Thank you Michael for your insight and perseverance on the subject - J. P. Sousa

I thoroughly enjoyed your Tarot 2000 class. I looked forward to attending each Saturday. Your knowledge and enthusiasm on the subject made the time fly by. I'm sure all of us would have gladly stayed several hours past the allotted time each Saturday to listen to all you had to say. The documentation you distributed in the classes will be a very valuable reference. I knew very little of the tarot when I started attending your class but I feel I have a good basis on which to expand my knowledge. I know it is not something that will happen overnight but I look forward to my journey. It was interesting the way you related the tarot, kabala, numerology and the zodiac. I believe you helped all of us open our eyes and to start paying attention to what is around us - the movies we watch, the advertisements we see, and the symbols on buildings and products. Thank you for a very illuminating class - S. Daley

Tarot 2000 was an extraordinary and invaluable class. Michael has that rare combination of gifts that make for an excellent teacher: extensive knowledge of the subject and the ability to convey that knowledge in a clear, organized and logical manner. In Tarot 2000, Michael not only versed us in the history of tarot which explained beyond a doubt how and why tarot (as well as its sister arts, astrology, numerology and the Kabala work, but he also taught us how to confidently do tarot readings on our own. I had tried learning tarot on my own by reading books but found the process difficult and confusing. The books were often patchwork in quality, more like manuals for a card game. Tarot 2000 introduced us to the vast knowledge that is missing from all those books: the history, the philosophy, the science and the psychology behind tarot. In order to know how to do something correctly, you must understand its origins and mechanics. This knowledge of the tarot had been scattered, hidden and lost until Michael pieced it back together. Tarot 2000 teaches you the ancient, esoteric art as it was originally practiced. Michael and Tarot 2000 taught me how this ancient art from ancient times can be a tool for living in confusing modern times. I use the knowledge I gained from Tarot 2000 on a daily basis; Tarot 2000 has shown me how to find order in the chaos that is our world and times. I recommend this class to anyone seeking to truly learn the tarot, as well as to anyone who simply is seeking more clarity in their life - L. Andreason

Michael’s Tarot class is awesome. His extensive knowledge of the Tarot encompasses its history and the relationship to other esoteric sciences. I learned of the relationship of the Tarot to Astrology, Kabala and Numerology. Michael unites them together in his unique way of reading the cards. I have never had it all explained to me this competently before - M. Lewis 

Words cannot express how my perceptions have been amplified since beginning my Tarot studies with Michael. Not only is he a true Master of the Divination Arts, but his willingness to empower us with his vast knowledge is so refreshing. For many years I have been on a quest for enlightenment but had been unable to find the teacher who would be the catalyst that would enable me to know that I was on the right path. In Michael I have found such a teacher but more remarkable is that in addition to providing intensive and detailed instruction he has given me the tools necessary to locate my own answers. I highly recommend  Tarot 2000 to everyone! Michael provides the necessary building blocks in such a fascinating and passionate way. One can't help but be a more enlightened and better human being after experiencing each session. I could not wait until the next class each week! - I. Serres 

Deep inside each of us is a small flame flickering; that is why we are called "light-workers." Michael's classes are a beacon in a sometimes dark world, and because of this one cannot help but come away from each class feeling enlightened. Michael gives us a wealth of information - one is enriched in knowledge, empowered and ready to face the world with a spotlight on truth. armed with integrity, enthusiasm, social conscience and a clear understanding of the sacred tarot - one feels honored to know this blessed man. I learned well researched facts, the most complicated theories were simplified. The information released to the class was appreciated by all. we were taught much more than just Tarot and Astrology, we each came away from the class with a clear understanding of our own life's purpose, along with an affinity toward each other and a love for the sacred tarot - S H

Michael, I thought the Tarot 2000 Workshop was a rare and extraordinary experience! I never dreamt that I would ever possess half the understanding let alone the confidence that I do now about reading the Tarot. Your systematic approach to teaching the Tarot made it surprisingly easy to understand and learn. Your introductions into other areas such as the Kabala, Numerology, and Astrology to name a few, really showed me their relationships to the Tarot and opened my eyes to a greater understanding and respect for the Divination Arts. The strong foundation you have provided gives me the courage and most important, the “knowing” that I can read the Tarot now! Thank You So Very Much!! Many Blessing to You! - M K

The Tarot 2000 circle was one of the most comprehensive and informative courses I have ever encountered. The historical data presented gave me a much deeper and clearer understanding of Tarot, Kabala and Astrology. There is so much information to absorb, but he made it easy to understand with examples and plenty of handouts to reference. I highly recommend this course to anyone at any level that wants to gain a deeper understanding on these subjects. Michael is truly a master, and it was an honor to have him share his knowledge with us - C. Morris

Michael, you are truly a deeply committed Researcher, Scholar and Teacher . I have never taken a course in which so much relevant information was offered in such a short time. I usually have to spend a fortune on books to get the kind of information you distributed and beyond that you shared all of it as part of your minimal fee. All I can say is any person who is unswerving to only secure divination teachings from an advanced teacher should consider your course. You are the Teacher for teachers. If someone is lucky enough to experience their initial introduction of the Tarot through your course they are blessed. Thank You for the experience. I look forward to continue to learn from you as I am convinced that the Spirit of the Tarot has selected you as one of it's Primary Earthly Messengers. Regards - E. Rusty

Michael - Superb! Your course has such depth, it is way more than I expected. I am constantly amazed at the intensity of study you bring to the class. Your many years of dedicated study demonstrate your wealth of knowledge. Taroscopes put all the pieces together and Tarot comes alive. Michael, you have been a gift to me. I feel very fortunate to learn the Tarot from you. You have taught me invaluable tools, and given me a very strong foundation on Tarot. Thank you so much for this labor of love. I highly recommend this course to anyone. There are words that I cannot articulate, sign up and see for yourself  - Ada G

Michael - When I heard you speaking on the "Seeing Beyond" radio show, I knew I had to take your workshop. Yours was my first, and will probably be my only, Tarot Class. Never before have I met a (tarot) teacher that I felt could offer me anything more than I could learn myself by reading one of the many tarot books out there. Your material, and more importantly, your presentation of the material is much more expansive than anything I've come across before. The Tarot, and it's connection to the other Alchemical disciplines (astrology, numerology and kabala) is something you are clearly passionate about. This made your classes entertaining and interesting. You are a gifted and learned teacher and I am grateful for the opportunity to have studied with you. I used to shy away from subjects involving government and business. Now I want to know the truth. Thanks for sharing your truth with us - D. Freitas

I have been studying the metaphysical world for many years and this class gives a much wider view of the Tarot than anything I have experienced. Michael is incredibly knowledgeable in many areas. I highly recommend this class to anyone truly interested in the Tarot - C. Caldwell

Michael Tsarion's Tarot 2000 class is not only fun and informative, it's a necessity! Michael clearly and precisely imparts valuable information that is difficult, at best, to find. He leads class participants on a wondrous journey of exploration, discovery and truth - K M

I have enjoyed your unique approach to teaching tarot. The preparation and history made the subject much easier to understand and comprehend the sacred meanings. It makes sense to combine all the Divination's wisdom and weave the teachings into the tarot classes. Thanks for making the course so meaningful - K. K. Madden

Michael, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities that you are presenting to students of your tarot classes. I feel, at 45 years of age, that I am just beginning my basic education. I have learned more about life on this planet in the past two months than I did in all of my years in the institutional educational system, including graduate school. Although it may still take me some time to 'absorb' the depth of everything that you presented in class, I know that I have the tools to delve deeply into the sacred and mystical subconscious, and rely on myself for answers and direction in my life. More importantly, I feel that I can educate my children about their inner world, and the society they live in. I found your style of instruction not only informative and educational, but fabulously interesting and entertaining. You make your points clearly without inundating the students with a lot of "jargon and lingo". Your class notes are very thorough, and easy to follow. Your recommended reading lists, and your recommended web sites have opened up worlds for me. Your class information took us well beyond tarot, Kabala, numerology, and astrology, and into new frontiers such as Astro Theology, world history, and how governments and the media use sacred symbolism to entice and control the masses. You truly are a scholar and a teacher. Thanks - John S

A powerful, life changing course. Makes you take a closer look at the very foundation of our being. Everyone should take this class, it is vital information for anyone who seeks the truth. I highly recommend it to all. Thanks to Michael for having the diligence to gather and pull together his research and experience into a course that is difficult to encompass as well as the courage and perseverance to disseminate this controversial material - Teresa A.

Michael, You are so different than other "metaphysical teachers"! Listening to you in the class and looking at the material you prepared, I feel that you are like a dedicated graduate school professor! You are the kind of professor I wish I had when I was in college or graduate school in philosophy, or, someone I had met when I was young. Of course, I know there is no mistake in life, whatever happen to me and the journey I take is perfect for me.... and it is wonderful that you teach children. What a gift to those young people! - Y. Lyman

Michael Tsarion teaches Tarot 2000 in a unique and inviting format. He combines Tarot with Astrology, Numerology and the Kabala; demonstrating how they overlap and work together to give a clearer and more accurate reading than just one modality by itself. He begins class with an extensive overview of Tarot bringing in it's rich history, symbolism and etymology to assist the class in understanding it's origins. He continues his teaching with a detailed breakdown of the 78 cards into the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Court cards. While he does this Michael begins to bring in Astrology and Numerology, showing how the three modalities are irrevocably linked. In the weeks that follow Michael fleshes out his teaching showing students how to do important readings for themselves and for others. He reintroduces the Kabala and delves into greater depths regarding the planets, Astrological Houses, and one's Personal Timeline. He is a veritable fountain of knowledge, willing to share the depth and breath of his research and experience with all those who are interested. I highly recommend Michael Tsarion and his Tarot 2000 classes to anyone seeking increased wisdom and insight into this area - R. M. Brent

For many years my metaphysical studies have been compartmentalized. They are no longer. In his series of classes, Michael Tsarion weaves a metaphysical tapestry with his knowledge of Tarot, Egyptian mysticism, astrology, numerology and the Kabala. He unites these disciplines with the depth and understanding of a scholar. His knowledge flows as a wellspring connected to the ages. Attending Michael's classes has been my bridge to the connectedness of metaphysical subjects and a tool to enlighten and enrich my life - J. Bortman (Marketing Consultant, Importer)

Michael was absolutely right on with his insights connecting the disciplines of tarot, astrology, numerology, and Kabala. His passion and visual aids made each class exciting and expanding - John W

Dear Michael: Your class on Tarot 2000, a Gnostic Approach for a New Millennium was inspiring for me. The information you shared in class truly brought the Tarot alive for me. Although I have had a Tarot deck and guidebook for years, it is only now that I really have a grasp of this Divination Art. I especially appreciate that you introduce astrology, numerology and the Kabala and their respective connections with the Tarot. I am still integrating the abundant amount of material you covered in class and I look forward to taking your second level class. In love and light - T. Stanny

Michael has the courage of his convictions and willing to do his work in the world. It is from this level of authenticity and integrity that he teaches. Through this and also because of his vast knowledge and passion, Michael can bring out what is hidden in the Divination Arts. It was my personal intention to discover the secrets of these subjects. This attracted me to the Tarot 2000 classes. I found out how Tarot operates along with Astrology, Numerology and Kabala. My goal was achieved. I now have a better understanding of myself and the ‘bigger picture,’ I knew that I would learn things that I did not already know. I also learned how much I did not know. What a wonderful gift. Thank you Michael - J. Anglin

Michael Tsarion's passion, research and enthusiastic willingness to share his knowledge are a true gift to anyone taking his classes, that cover the origins of Tarot, Kabala, Numerology, Astrology as well as their influence on us today and much more. Each class left me amazed and went by much too fast. Thank you Michael for your eye-opening insights. You are a Master! - S. Gurler

Michael, Let me join the ranks of your most satisfied students. The Tarot 2000, classes were even more enlightening and fascinating than I had expected and turned out to be a personal journey for me. I took the classes to further an interest in ancient histories surrounding occult subjects, but in addition I experienced the Tarot card symbology working on my psyche through dreams and intuition. As a result, I have gained many valuable insights during these last few weeks. During the classes, I enjoyed hearing the interesting facts and wealth of information you presented, which held my interest every step of the way. Your presentation, depth of knowledge, and unique approach to teaching the Tarot in relation to Astro-Theology, Numerology, and the Kabala was very impressive. Each class was a continuous unravelling of these great mysteries. You are truly a gifted teacher, and I look forward to attending other classes with you in the future. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend o have met you and had the Tarot 2000 classes. Thank you--it was a most inspiring experience! - J. Mitromaris

Michael Tsarion's Tarot 2000 was an enlightening and lively class. I've always been interested in tarot, astrology and numerology, but never before have I had such a cohesive and intelligent marrying of the subjects that made the information so accessible to the novice and useful to the advanced practitioner. Michael's insight and knowledge on so many topics kept the class moving along quite nicely. This is one of the few classes I've taken where the time flew and you never wanted the class to end. I would happily recommend Michael's class to anyone with an interest in tarot, astrology, or numerology. It was the most enjoyable and informative class I've taken this year, Regards - M. Romano

After taking Michael's class I understand symbolism with more clarity and it's implications in the world around us. Michael Tsarion is a very knowledgeable and empowering teacher. Many blessings - J. Aygnin

After searching for a meaningful class in my pursuit the truth, Taroscopes crossed my path.  My interest in the Tarot had led me for years to inquire about workshops and classes, but not until this was presented to me was I able to commit!  I believe that when the student is ready the Master appears and Michael Tsarion is brilliant and has great passion for these divination arts.  My life has transformed once again because of this ancient knowledge and truth.  Michael Tsarion is one of the master teachers of our time - C. Wilcox

Prior to taking Tarot 2000, I knew nothing about the cards, or any of the other disciplines. I have had a few readings, but never had an interest in learning the "how to's". As my own psychic abilities have grown to the point that I cannot ignore them any longer, nor do I want to. When I heard Michael talk at a local gathering, something inside shifted and I "knew" I had to take his class. The classes were fascinating. They reminded me of a great suspense movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. That is where I was during each class. I learned so much from the classes. I would go home each night and have to just take in what I had learned. Not only did we get the meanings of the cards, but the ritual necessary to perform well. Whether we choose to read for others or just for ourselves, it is important to know the right way. Two things I really liked about Michael's teaching: First, he did not put down anyone's previous training or background. He presented his material as if it were the first time anyone had seen this (which for me, it was). Even the most seasoned in the class were learning much more. And second, he encouraged us to use our psychic abilities along with the cards. I found that I had intuition about certain cards that gave them more clarity. What was wonderful is that not only did we look at Tarot, we learned about Astrology, Kabala, and Numerology. I LOVED the numerology. It is so much fun, and useful too. I was so green I didn't know anything about any of the subjects, and hadn't even heard the word Kabala before. So I would encourage anyone of any level to take this course. Michael will pull it all together with his mastery. I found it to be spiritually rewarding and growth promoting. It was one of those life-changing events for me - T. J. Rochelle

I recently had the pleasure of attending Michael Tsarion’s first level Tarot class. I found Michael to be a dynamic and charismatic teacher who clearly has a strong connection to Source. His explanation of the development of Egyptian Mysticism is remarkable. In addition, he is able to make real connections between Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and Qabala which enhance the depth of each Tarot reading. Participating in Michael's class is sure to enhance spiritual development even without a desire to regularly read the Tarot. I would recommend his courses to anyone interested in developing Tarot skills - M. Parker

What an awesome awakening! Having very little experience with the divination arts I found this workshop so very enlightening.  All of the sessions were structured so that not only I, a novice was captured in their essence, but those who have been working with it on a regular basis were as well.  I find myself wanting to learn more and can't wait to build upon this solid base that was formed.  Thank You so much Michael for sharing your gifts, you are an excellent communicator.  You know how to make the most confusing aspects seem so simple and understood by all - S. Lewis 

If you like me, are questing for Universal answers, then Michael Tsarion’s classes are for you.  If you are reading this testimonial, then the Universe is already directing you to Michael Tsarion for answers.  My advise to you is, heed that Universal message for Michael’s Gnostic Approach was just what I needed to ensure that I really did learn the Truths that my life intended for me to learn.  Michael’s unique approach looks at esoteric topics with his feet firmly planted in the scientific realm. As a person who considers her self to be a scientist (by education) an engineer (by trade) this really mattered to me. As I listened to Michael explain Universal Truths my mind reverberated with thoughts like “Absolutely,” “That makes perfect sense to me,” “Wow, how can anything so awesome be so simple,” “Why hadn’t I thought of that long ago,” and “How can I incorporate these Truths into my daily life.”  Tying Tarot with Numerology, Astrology, Symbolism, Science and religious teachings gave me aids to direct my day-to-day life.  It was as if before Michael’s classes the air was stale so I was holding my breath. Upon completion of Michael’s classes the air was fresh so I could finally get a breath of clean air.  I look forward to continuing my Gnostic education with Michael – for I feel the need to take deeper and deeper breaths of the Universal Truths - J. Bosnake

I recently joined your online mystery school. This is the best stuff I have come across in many moons. I was beginning to think that I had nothing else to do - my purpose secretly done...and then...you came along. All of a sudden I am fascinated , interested again. NOW I have something to work with. Thank you - S

I am not trying to suck up or anything, but the tarot deck is an immeasurably insightful and powerful tool, your mystery school has changed my life. I don't know how I ever lived my life without it, I have a question, where did you learn to use the tarot deck originally? To me, living a life without communion with the Atman daily via the tarot deck is heading for disaster, it's suicide. Divination should be available to everybody. If people weren't so deluded with what Britney Spears is doing, they would find these tools and really start to live, rather than survive like some sort of animal. I have only had the deck for a few months, and already I am putting things together with a higher speed, accuracy and efficiency than ever before, the deck has supercharged my life, wow, is all I have to say, I am sad that I did not have this deck a couple years ago, I could have, REALLY used it, but I guess I decided when the divination arts should enter my life, the choice has always been mine I suppose. Well Michael, have a blessed day - Adam